The Association of Natural Hair Care Professionals has brought together a team of industry experts to help cosmetic and personal care product companies thrive.  Join today and take advantage of expert advice and help in the areas of product development, manufacturing, sales, marketing, and more.

ANHC Indie Beauty Advisors
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$75/month or $750/year 

✔ ANHC Indie Beauty Advisors ^

ANHC Advisors are accessible to members via text, email, and private Facebook Groups.  Advisors also provide information via member only webinars throughout the year.  The webinars are recorded and available on-demand for members.  In addition to being accessible to provide general guidance and information, Advisors offer members discounted rates for one-on-one consulting and services. 

  • Manufacturing Consultant, Margaret Haven has over 45 years of cosmetic production and quality oversight experience.   She works with large scale manufacturing facilities as wells individuals who produce products at home or in small to midsize labs.  Margert Haven has personally formulated several multi-million dollar products including Sofn'Free Curl Activator, the original African Best line, as well as products in the AAA Shea Butter and Jamaican Mango and Lime lines.
  • Product Development Consultant, Angela D. Ellington is a hair care scientist, inventor, and former Assistant Vice President of Ethnic Research and Innovation at L’Oreal USA.  She holds 20 patents and has been recognized in several publications for her innovative contribution to hair care research.  She specializes in the development of hair care products and claims substantiation.

Private Facebook Groups ^

ANHC Facebook Groups are private groups where members network, share ideas and resources, as well as receive guidance and advice from ANHC Advisors.

✔ *Promotional Assistance ^

ANHC Pro reaches over 50,000 individuals through our website and digital outreach with our B2B (@anhcpro) and Consumer (@atlnaturalhair) accounts.

  • All Indie Beauty Members are featured on ANHC Pro’s Featured Members page

  • ANHC Pro will repost Indie Beauty Member promotions* on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter (@anhcpro & @atlnaturalhair)

  • We also pass along media requests from media outlets to our members.  Our members have been featured on television, radio, podcasts and online articles.

✔ General Member Benefits ^

Indie Beauty membership also includes the benefits from the other ANHC membership types. 


*promotions and events must be for or about hair and personal care products and services (posts will not be made for relaxers, texturizers, or smoothing hair care systems)