Expanding Into Selling Your Own Products

Expanding Into Selling Your Own Products
by ANHC Pro Founder, Elaine Truesdale

There are several viable ways hair stylists seek to expand their offerings beyond styling hair behind the chair.  One of those is launching their own hair product line.  This is a good direction for hair stylists because stylists already have a customer base which trust their opinion on hair care.  However, there are several barriers to cross before a person can successfully enter the market place with a new product.  Those barriers include marketing, production, distribution, and sales.  Today we are going to talk about marketing, the last thing most people think about but the first thing you need to consider.

Before you can begin mass selling your product, whether your develop it yourself or select a pre-formulated private label product, you will need to do research and build a customer base.  Having loyal customers and advocates in place will make it easier for your to obtain investors, find manufacturers, and get you product into popular retail outlets.  Lets look at building your customer base from the bottom up.  

Who are the easiest customers for you to obtain?  Hopefully, friends and family.  In addition to providing you with honest feedback, your friends and family should become your first loyal PAYING customers.  When we say PAYING we are not saying that you can not offer a "friends and family" discount, but if your friends and family are not willing to pay something for your product they cannot be true advocates for your product.  Of course as you are developing your product or testing private label options you should charge little to to nothing for your products.  

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Connect with Your Clients: Email, Social, and Blogging Made Easy

Connect with Your Clients: Email, Social, and Blogging Made Easy
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Georgia Cosmetology and Barber Licensing Information

Below is a breakdown of Georgia Cosmetology and Barbers Licensing requirements. Please note that if you are a braider or loctician who does NOT provide additional services including shampooing, coloring, or cutting then you are not currently required to have and Cosmetology or Barber license in the state of Georgia.

Hair care professionals who are not state licensed barbers fall under the governance of the Georgia Cosmetology laws as follows:
  • Any person who performs any one or more of the following services for compensation is considered a Cosmetologist or Hair Designer and falls under the governance of the Georgia Board of cosmetology.
    • Cuts or dresses the hair
    • Gives scalp massages or scalp treatments with oils or creams and other preparations either by hand or mechanical appliance
    • Singes the hair
    • Shampoos the hair
    • Dyes the hair
    • Does permanent waving of the hair.
  • Any person who ONLY braids the hair by hair weaving; interlocking; twisting; plaiting; wrapping by hand, chemical, or mechanical devices; or using any natural or synthetic fiber for extensions to the hair does not currently fall under Georgia Board of Cosmetology governance.
Hair care professionals who are not licensed cosmetologists or hair designers fall under the governance of the Georgia Barber laws as follows:
  • Any person who teaches or practices "barbering".
    • Shaving or trimming the beard
    • Cutting or dressing the hair
    • Giving facial or scalp massages
    • Giving facial or scalp treatment with oils or cream or other preparations either by hand or by means of mechanical appliances
    • Singeing the hair
    • Shampooing the hair
    • Dyeing the hair
    • Permanently waving or straightening the hair

2014 Natural Hair Stylist of the Year

Congratulations to Renee Hall who was voted 2014 ANHC Professional Hair Stylist of the Year. Renee Hall has over 20 years of experience in hair care. She began her career as a teenager working with master hair braider, Tulani Kinard. Her first salon, Mo’ Better Braids, had a clientele based on word of mouth only and was open for 10 years. In 2004, Renee opened Essentials Beauty and Barber Day Spa in Maryland. 2010 Renee traveled to South Africa doing mission work where she provided hair services to young girls in orphanages. In 2012 Renee established her current company in Georgia, Natural Trendzetter, LLC. We sent Renee Hall our “Stylist of the Week” questions and this is what she had to say.

2014 Atlanta Natural Hair Stylist of the Year

What are your specialties as a hair stylist?  I am a natural hair stylist with 25 years experience. I am known for my speed and creativity.

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