How to Hire the Best Stylists

How to hire the best stylists for your hair salon
By Naomi Hassan

With our recent hair salon start-up checklist, we helped you get your salon ready with all the essentials you need for setting up a successful business. Now, it’s time to make sure your team is the right one. Read on to discover our top tips for how you can ensure you’re hiring the best stylists to help your salon thrive.

What you need to do for a successful recruitment drive

To make sure that the team you recruit are the right people for the job there are a few important things you can do.

  1. Get online. We live in a society which is moving more and more in the direction of technology and having an online presence is important. Choose the best website builder to suit your needs, and include plenty of “coming soon” coverage of your new salon as well as “we’re recruiting” posts on social media.
  2. Go to where the stylists are. It's important to visit cosmetology schools and build relationships with graduating students. As well as visiting their schools, check out your local career fairs and see if you can get a spot to shout about your business.
  3. Build the hype. You want your salon to be the go-to salon; for both stylists and clientele. There are plenty of ways you can build up the hype around your new business from open days to posting video on website, social media and so much more.
  4. Offer added extras for those working for you. Offer those who may wish to apply to work in your salon some great incentives to be part of your team. This could include additional training, advanced education or a bonus scheme. You are bound to have plenty of great applicants in no time.

Key things to look out for in your stylists

Recruiting the right stylist isn’t just about where they come from; or that they’ve got the legally required training and qualifications; or what you can offer as a boss. You want to ensure the right people apply. It’s also about choosing the right people. Here are a few key things you should look out for in your new stylists.

  • Personality. Being a stylist is a customer facing job, which will require your team to not only engage with but also build a rapport with the clientele. Look out for people full of energy and personality who will be able to offer the best customer service and keep those they style coming back; as well as encouraging others to your salon through word of mouth recommendations.
  • Knowledge. As well as having the right personality to be able to engage with your clientele; it is important your stylists know what they’re talking about. For example, do they understand low vs. high hair porosity to offer correct care advice? Are they knowledgeable in deal with different hair types from fine hair to type-a curls?
  • Skill set. Once you’re sure they have the right personality to fit into your team and bring in clients and have all the knowledge you require, check their skill set. It may be worth checking that you have a team with varied skills. Include team members including those who are best at styling updos to bring in wedding clientele, right through to those who are able to offer male clients a decent cut.

So, whilst you may not need to know about high hair porosity or which toner is best; it’s important to pick out stylists who do know what they’re talking about. As well as good product and field knowledge, this article has now shown you a number of important elements to hiring the best stylists for your salon.

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