Living the Big Picture; Your Salon Dream Teams

Living the Big Picture; Your Salon Dream Teams
presented by Belinda Baker of Salon BKB

On June 12, 2017, CEO of Salon BKB, Belinda Baker led an ANHC Pro Midday Conversation about the "Living the Big Picture; Your Salon Dream Teams".  During her presentation, she laid out the essentials for building a strong salon team.

The numbers vary depending on which study you read but unfortunately, the survival rate for a salon in the first year is less than 50% and in 5 years less than 95%. So, what’s the problem?  Often we blame the lack of effort from our team members or our inability to find the right team members.  Belinda Baker provided insight on what salon owners can do to increase their odds for success.  Actions for success that salon owners often overlook include the following.

  1. Be Patient: Select Leaders, Foster Growth and Recognize efforts.
  2. Be Helpful: Provide Education, Resolve Conflicts, and Do What You Say
  3. Be Thankful: Celebrate Achievements, Accept Mistakes and Say "Thank You"

Belinda broke down team building from the vision, to execution, to planning for team turnover.  Building a team that can manifest your vision begins with you.  With a clear understanding of your vision, your own efforts, and a commitment to building up your team members you can beat the odds. 

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