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3 Steps to Triple Your Sales

3 Steps to Triple Your Sales in 2018
presented by Tieron Spear

On January 8, 2018, Business Expert Tieron Spear, led an ANHC Pro Midday Conversation about tripling your sales through research and advertising.

Tieron Spear covered three steps to increasing your sales numbers.

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The Beauty Industry is Changing: Are you Ready?

The Beauty Industry is Changing: Are you Ready?
presented by Dr. Tye Caldwell

On October 9, 2017, Dr. Tye Caldwell, Author of Mentored by Failure, A 5-Point Guide to Long Term Success in the Beauty & Style Industry, led an ANHC Pro Midday Conversation about keeping up with changes in the beauty industry.  Dr. Caldwell has been a Salon Owner for over two decades and is CEO and Co-Founder of Shear Share.

Today the Beauty Industry looks a lot different than it did twenty years ago.  Customers are demanding different products and services, including natural hair services.  Stylists are taking advantage a non-traditional means of making a living, with about 70% choosing to work independently.  Also, social media is making it easier to build a brand. 

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Understanding Brand Strategy

Understanding Brand Strategy
presented by Beauty Business Coach, Erica Aker

On June 19, 2017, Beauty Business Coach and Author of How to Create & Build a Successful Beauty Business, Erica Aker led an ANHC Pro Midday Conversation about "Understanding Brand Strategy".  She explained that it is important focus on your business's brand.  Your brand is much more than a logo and color scheme.  It is your business's identity, what people say about your brand when they are not in your presence. 

It takes systems to properly build your brand.  When you are building your brand you begin with ideas including what niche you are going to tackle.  From your ideas you can create a plan.  Your plan should include operations and marketing.  While planning, Erica Aker suggests that you do the following. 

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Unprecedented Access

Creating Engaging Brand Content
presented by Content Writer, Shannon Barbour

With today's social media applications hair stylists and salons have unprecedented access to their customers.  When you include social media campaigns in your marketing efforts, you allow your customers to take your brand on the go with them.  On May 8, 2017, Creative Content Writer Shannon Barbour led an ANHC Pro Midday Conversation about "Creating Engaging Brand Content."  During her presentation, she featured five keys to building successful social media campaigns.

  1. Consistency is key for social media campaigns. Post daily.
  2. Use original photos whenever possible. If you do not use a watermark, take good phone photos prominently in front of your salon or product where the background cannot be cropped or adjusted.
  3. Use trending content.  Use of pop culture images and information help to build the popularity of your posts.  When you re-post information, be sure to use phrases like “hair crush” or “fave style” that make it clear that your salon or stylists did not create the chosen celebrity’s look but are capable of recreating it.
  4. Use Grammarly or a similar correction tool.  Few things damage your professional image more than unintentional spelling or grammatical errors. 
  5. Keep it simple.  Make short, attractive posts that reflect your current clients and those whom you wish to attract. 

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Connect with Your Clients: Email, Social, and Blogging Made Easy

Connect with Your Clients: Email, Social, and Blogging Made Easy
presented by Kia Dolby of

Does coming up with content for your blog or website seem like an unmanageable task? Do you have ideas for blog posts, but they never get written? Do you struggle with coming up with things to post online? Kia Dolby's webinar will help you create a content strategy for your website and online marketing efforts.

Kia Dolby is an Atlanta based branding and marketing strategist. Kia studied Graphic Design at Florida A&M University and Temple University. She holds over 10 years of experience in marketing, branding, and web design, and her passion is entrepreneurship. When she is not working, she enjoys blogging about business; exploring Atlanta with her husband and three boys; traveling and vegetarian cooking. You can learn more about her and her offerings at