Financial Wellness for Beauty Professionals

ANHC Pro has partnered with Financial Professionals from MassMutual to bring financial wellness information to beauty professionals. The series will consist of five webinars. Each webinar in the series will cover a different topic.

financial advice for salons and hair stylists

Friday, July 10, 2020 1pm ET - Financial IQ: Financial Wellness Overview

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Understanding the foundations of various financial concepts is critical to your long-term financial well-being. This webinar will review: Saving, Investing, Protecting, Retiring and Estate Planning. Topics like compound interest, asset allocation, various insurance types, retirement income and estate planning tools will be discussed. At end of discussion, you should have enough knowledge to understand financial basics. 

Friday, July 31, 2020 1pm ET - Financial IQ: Women & Finances

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Having control over finances is a key part of a woman's long-term financial well-being. This webinar will help with the three top financial concerns of women: Savings, Investing and Retiring. In the webinar we will discuss creating a savings plan, getting comfortable with investing concepts, and planning for retirement. Take the steps needed for ‘taking control’ of your finances, such as self-education, recognizing motivations and asking for help. At end of the webinar, you will have enough knowledge to confidently move forward.

August 21, 2020 1pm ET - Actionable Ideas for Business Owners

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This webinar will focus on how to  Lead Your Business, Grow Your Business, and Inspire Your Team. We will discuss Setting Direction, Anticipating Problems, Managing Money, Finding New Customers, Creating a Culture, and Providing a Safety Net for employees. 

Wednesday September 2, 2020 1pm ET - Financial IQ: Financial Goal Setting

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Achieving financial well-being begins with establishing financial goals. This webinar will help you set financial goals for Income, Savings, Retirement and Debt, event if you are unsure of what your goals should be. We will use a simple formulation (5-10-15-20), to help you set achievable and challenging financial goals. Tips on reaching the goals will also be provided. At end of webinar, you will have enough knowledge and confidence to establish two short-term (Income & Savings) and two long-term (Retirement & Debt) financial goals.

Wednesday September 22, 2020 1pm ET - Disabled? Me? Never!

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A disability is one of the greatest risks to your income. Did you know odds of becoming disabled are as great, or greater than as other types of risk you insure yourself against; such as car accidents and hospitalizations? On this webinar we will discuss the value of your income, why you need to protect it, the realities of income protection, and Disability Income insurance options.