ANHC Pro Partnerships

The Payscape mission is to make it simple for business owners to collect money. Whether you accept credit cards at your retail storefront, process payments on your mobile phone, promote gift cards, operate an online shopping cart, or electronically invoice clients, Payscape offers financial products and services guaranteed to satisfy your cash flow needs.


Enroll in one of our state-of-the-art virtual classrooms, learn high-demand natural hairstyling techniques, join the network, and make more money behind and beyond the chair!


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Patrice Hector (Log in to the Member Center for discount)

20% Patrice Hector Products including the HBOX™ DAILY RECORDS & BOOKKEEPING DIGEST

Patrice Hector created the HBOX™ DAILY RECORDS & BOOKKEEPING DIGEST specifically for hairstylists. This journal helps the busy hairstylist track their daily assets and liabilities, costs, client services, how much they pay and gratuity all in one place do on daily basis. This tool helps hair stylists to allocate their personal and professional resources more effectively, measure her results, create more realistic schedules and better manage their goals and objectives. Patrice has also included some of her most favorite inspirational quotes, along with phrases of encouragement, to assist hairstylists with staying on track and achieving optimum success. 


Sentinel Media (Log in to the Member Center for discount)

ANHC Professional Members receive a discount of the larger of $250 or 20%.
ANHC Executive Members receive a discount of 30%.

Do you use video for you social media? Sentinel Media specializes in producing video content for TV and social media platforms.  We use our experience help hair care professionals create consistent high quality video content to help educate your customers.

You can feature your:
  • Weekly Professional Hair Tips
  • Weekly Hair & Style Demos
  • Educational Classes
  • Live or On-Demand Video

Doc Wellbee (Log in to the Member Center for discount)

25% off Dental & Healthcare Program with free Teladoc service 

Doc Wellbee offers a great alternative to dental insurance. Doc Wellbee strive offers access to the best dentists nationwide at an affordable price. Benefits and savings are constantly being added to Doc Wellbee membership. 

Teladoc physicians bring quality healthcare to members anytime, anywhere - at work, in the comfort of your home or while traveling.  Teladoc members have access to our national network of US board-certified physicians, licensed in your state.

Haven Research Center (Log in to the Member Center for discount)

20% off of 1-hour consultations

Haven Research Center (HRC) provides education, consulting, and manufacturing services for cosmetics and personal care products.  HRC educational courses and private consultations include information about product formulations, manufacturing, packaging, industry regulations, and more.

Anderson Accounting: Accountants 4 Hair Stylists (Log in to the Member Center for discount)

20% off QuickBooks Self-employed class

Anderson Accounting provides cash flow management and operations education, consulting, and accounting services to salons owners and stylists.  Anderson Accounting services include bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, as well as tax planning and preparation.