Business Counseling and Resources for Hair Stylists and Salons

ANHC Professional Membership helps hair stylists and salon owners grow their businesses.  Members receive access to industry experts through association referrals, webinars and live events.   ANHC Professional Members also receive exclusive opportunities to work with beauty and media companies.  Additionally, members enjoy special discounts

$115/year or 15/month
$45/year for cosmetology and barbering students

Association of Natural Hair Care Member Discounts

  • Payscape - Payment processing systems including online and offline solutions.

  • Haven Research Center - product development and manufacturing consulting services

  • Stylist Excel - coworking community for natural hair stylists and beauty professionals

  • Sentinel Media - video production services

Special Job & Training Opportunities for Hair Stylist

Be the first to find out about the many jobs, classes, and industry opportunities that are presented to ANHC Pro by various beauty brands and small business owner advocates

Online Member Center

ANHC Pro’s Member Center is an online portal that allows members to network and connect with fellow members about industry happenings and trends.

Access to Professional Private Chats

ANHC Pro Private chats feature industry experts and allow members to ask questions and share ideas.  The sessions are not recorded. They are a safe place to discuss concerns and controversies.  

Access to Seasonal Showcases

ANHC Pro Showcases feature experts in all areas of hair styling.  Each presentation is critiqued live by industry veterans. The critics break down the presentation by level of information provided, message delivery, and audience engagement.

Access to Annual Exceed Conferences

ANHC Pro’s Annual Exceed Conferences feature five classes, all day networking, and a three course buffet.  Come out, meet and network with fellow members and other industry professionals.