About Us

We are now national! With members in over 20 different states, ANHC Pro is now the largest professional association established to serve the needs of hair care professionals specializing in or interested in the care of naturally curly and tightly coiled hair without the use of chemical relaxers. In 2010 Atlanta Natural Hair Care launched a professional leg, Atlanta Natural Hair Care Professional (ANHC Pro), in 2017 with members all over the nation ANHC Pro re-branded and became the Association of Natural Hair Care Professionals.  Currently, ANHC Pro supports professional hair stylists, barbers, independent retailers that cater to the naturally curly and tightly coiled hair client at a national level.
  • Shinning a light on the benefits of patronizing and working with professional hair stylist and barbers
  • Connecting members and sponsors to business opportunities both inside and outside of the salon and creating greater awareness of their individual brands
  • Hosting professional hair care and styling events specific to current trends and developments within the industry

ANHC Pro provides its members with sub-networks specific to their individual needs. Each sub-network connects members with fellow members who have the same needs; provides resources specific the network’s needs; and is a place for making requests to ANHC Pro specific to those needs. ANHC Pro’s sub-networks include the following.

  • Barbers Network
  • Educators Network
  • Freelance Artists Network
  • Indie Product Developers Network
  • Indie Beauty Brands Network
  • Local States Needs Networks
  • Makeup Artists Network
  • Retailers and Distributors Network
  • Sisterlock Consultants Network
  • Salon and Shop Owners Network
  • Suite Enterprises Network
  • Schools and Curriculum Developers Network

ANHC Pro Educators

ANHC Pro Educators consist of experienced platform artists, instructors, and educators who volunteer their time and expertise to teach ANHC Pro natural hair styling classes to future professionals at cosmetology schools. To learn more about our educators CLICK HERE.